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Employee’s training needs (Evaluation)

Qualification requirements for employee

Industry/sector: Construction
Occupational scope: Interior Drywall Systems Fitter

Occupation code: 712902
Last update: 2011-10-11 9:11:58

* Designed on the basis of Ministry of Labour and Social Policy materials which were created for the project: 'Development and dissemination of regional occupational qualification standards' within the framework of Sectoral Operational Programme - Human Resources Development

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How can you perform the following occupational tasks – assess

No. Occupational task Very well Well Fairly well Not well Not at all
5 4 3 2 1
A Technological tasks
A-1 Identifying materials used in interior drywall systems
A-2 Installation of partition wall systems
A-3 Installation of wall facing systems
A-4 Installation of dropped ceiling systems
A-5 Installation of roof lining systems
A-6 Installation of dry screed systems
A-7 Testowe zadanie
B Organizational tasks
B-1 Testowe zadanie
C Managing and cooperation tasks
D Quality control and assessment tasks