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Knowledge database

This module gathers knowledge (in the forms of articles) in the field of improving qualifications and competence of the employees.
Database Conoscenza

Questa sezione del sito costituisce un database di riferimento teorico (nella forme di articoli) in materia di miglioramento delle qualifiche e delle competenze dei lavoratori.

Baza de date cu cunoştinţe

Acest modul adună informaţii (sub formă de articole) pentru îmbunătăţirea calificărilor şi competenţelor angajaţilor.

Classification of occupations and specialities for the needs of job market 2008-09-18 16:20:00
is designed to unify the terminology of occupations and specialities present on the job market, to plan the job market maintenance and to determine its occupational structure (The ordinance of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of 8 December, 1997 regarding the classification of occupations and specialities for the needs of job market and its spectrum of usage, as of 8 December 2004)more
National vocational qualifications standards 2008-09-18 16:19:26
A norm accepted by employers' representatives, employees and other key social partners participating in the economy and job market regarding minimum qualifications, divided into five levels of qualification and according to typical job positions or vocational tasks, as well as four kinds of qualificationsmore
Competence 2008-09-18 16:19:04
Proven ability to use knowledge, skills and personal, social and/or methodological abilities, in work or study situations and in professional and personal developmentmore
Mental and physical attributes 2008-09-18 16:18:43
Individual (personal) attributes of employees performing particular tasks. These are: sensomotoric dexterity, skills, personality traits. Sensomotoric dexterity means well-developed skills or habits of performing sensor-motor moves as well as talents in performing themmore
Skill 2008-09-18 16:18:21
skill (disposition) to perform actions leading to completing a vocational task. From psychological point we distinguish three kinds of skills: mental (intellectual), sensory (based on senses) and motoric skills (based on practical actions). According to EQF it is "the ability to apply knowledge"more
Occupational task 2008-09-18 16:17:51
a logical portion or phase of the work, under the profession, with a clearly defined start and end. Set of professional activities, tied by a single goal of activities, ending with a specific product, service or significant decision.more
Vocational qualifications 2008-09-18 16:17:29
system of skills, knowledge, and psychophysical features neces¬sary to perform the set of occupational tasks. According to EQF qualification means "a formal outcome of an assessment and validation process which is obtained when a competent body determines that an individual has achieved learning outcomes to given standards".more
Vocation 2008-09-18 16:17:08
set of occupational tasks, isolated as a result of social labour distribution, which require the employee to possess appropriate professional qualifications. more
Evaluation of qualifying requirements 2008-09-18 16:16:41
process of data collection of employees' training needs with the use of the national vocational qualification standards description and their evaluation in order to make decisions related to the professional development of the staff at the individual level, at the level of organisation (enterprise) and sector.more
Glossary of terms used in the creation of an information system 2008-01-11 17:25:35
monitoring of qualifying requirements - systematically review of the conducted process of professional tasks, skills and psychophysical features specific to the profession carried out with the participation of employers and using the description of the national vocational qualification standards.more