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Research tools
Identification of the needs for company's employees' professional development
Identification of the needs for an employee's professional development
A sample questionnaire used in backward analysis
Occupational analysis: data registration form
Educational needs assessment - identification card
Individual educational needs assessment - data registration form
Does your company manage knowledge?
Scenario of employees' lifelong education development
Identification of needs: for which professions/specialities vocational qualification standards are necessary to be developed
Identification of employees' psychophysical attributes
A questionnaire for occupational duties identification
Identification of training, improving and retraining of employees.
Research methods
Selection and adjustment of methods and tools, which are used in the assessment of the needs for further education, training and vocational education, to the changes in content and work organization
Methodology of vocational qualification adjustment to the changing needs in the field of manufacturing and operation technology presented with the use of printing equipment
Methodology of new qualification and competence needs examining resulting from the development of new manufacturing and operation technology
Methodology of drafting the diagnosis of the state in the current offer of raising qualifications and competence of employees with directing at advanced technologies and maintenance of technical devices.
Methodology of the work content at the positions related to the production and maintenance of technical devices including the context of research training needs.
Assessment model of the needs in rising of employees' qualifications including the existing state of the knowledge and organizational and legal conditions.